Just a quick question..

Does anyone else have trouble scrolling through my posts? ¬†Whenever I look back at them, I get about halfway down and it’s like my Mac is having trouble with the amount of info it’s trying to load, and the scrolling almost comes to a standstill. ¬†It’s really annoying. If anyone else has this problem, I’ll talk to my server about it.

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9 thoughts on “Just a quick question..

  1. I dont’ have any trouble scrolling, but I haven’t managed to suscribe. I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I like wondering what you’ve been up to, having a look, and finding a couple of posts I haven’t yet read. On the other hand, how nice would it be to open my email in the morning and find a Michael post alongside the invitations to send all my banking details to that nice man in Africa.

    • I’m guessing by the context that it isn’t that you haven’t been prevented from subscribing, but that you’re just not sure you want to. I so get that. I’m a bit of a non-joiner of stuff. Subscribing to a blog feels like an unnecessary commitment. Furthermore, since I rarely use the internet for casual or pleasure-reading, then on the odd occasion I do, I happily go to my favourite sites to see what’s new. Most of the time when I open my emails, I’m not looking for that to lead to a casual read…

  2. love that last post Michael. What a fabulous result in such a short time frame – the joy of perennials!
    No trouble scrolling through your posts, very enjoyable thank you.
    Sandra Ross

  3. I only recently discovered your wonderful book, having seen the you-tube interview you did and realised your philosophy echoes my own ideas of what I want my garden to be.So.. I have been a relative newcomer to the blog but can’t say I’ve noticed any stalling and I have a Mac.
    Love the book .
    Regards, Claudia

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