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  1. You mentioned re-visiting these gardens in a few years. Hope there will be a new TV series to show the result to your new (and old) fans? Or at least a blog about each?

    • Thanks Rupert. Even I enjoyed it. I had decided I was taking the dog for a walk at 8, leaving the launch guests to watch it on their own. But I girded my loins and sat and watched it with them. And I’m glad I did

  2. Just heard you on ABC Radio Sydney on Wendy Harmer’s program, cannot wait to watch this show. Our front and back gardens are an overgrown jungle of weeds intertwined with a mature and luscious fig tree surrounded by dead plants clinging on for dear life…its quite depressing really. We have no idea what to do with it…or where to start! Looking forward to some garden inspo!

  3. The trailers were more interesting than I thought they would be and I am glad to see that you have finally gotten rid of that ghastly Jim Royle beard.
    I will leave it at that for now as there is nothing worse than premature congratulations.

  4. Hi Michael, What great news. I for one am starved of good gardening info. I will pass on the information to my Garden Club and friends.

  5. Woohoo! You will be a star, Michael, can’t wait to see it. It is wonderful to see gardens elevated to this level, good on the ABC.
    Wish I’d asked for your autograph last time I saw you! Haha!!

    • Hilarious. Yeah, all I can say is that I grinned my way through the first two episodes when I saw them completed. It has been an incredible privilege to be part of a show that set out with such high ideals

      • The anticipation is mounting..I was revisiting some old pics of your tour to Canada when I tagged along, must be nearly ten years ago. I wonder if you remember the amazing grasses and huge blocks of granite in one area of the Domaine de Maizeret in Quebec? You look so young and delighted in my photo. I’m looking forward to seeing the same expression on my TV, albeit a little more mature! A great writeup for Dream Gardens in the SMH this morning. Enjoy, Michael!

  6. Happy new year Michael. Very interested to see the show and from the trailer it looks like it will be great. It will be good to see the amount of work that goes into these gardens, rather than the instant backyard makeover that is not true to life.

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