Time to Upskill

It’s astonishing how few opportunities there are available for the home gardener that is keen to learn more.

So it’s time to run some courses.  I’ve been talking about it since I started this blog five years ago!DSC_0077

So here’s our start – two single-day courses in Woodend, Victoria under the title ‘Mastering the Art of Gardening’.  One will focus on the layout of the home garden, and the other on the planting.  You won’t think about garden design or planting design in the same way ever again!

Check out the links below, and come and join us.  Places are very limited indeed.

Mastering the Art of Gardening – The Design

Mastering the Art of Gardening – The Plants



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4 thoughts on “Time to Upskill

  1. Ohh Michael, how I would love to attend , but I am too far away and that date is not one I could come down for the weekend !!
    HOWEVER I am hoping it goes so well for you that you offer it again … it sounds EXACTLY what I would love to do.
    In addition to the practical stuff , I just really love your philosophical approach to gardening … I just “GET” the same stuff you do.

    It is most excellent to see you back on the blogosphere- it seemed to be quite a while since anything had come past until the last week or so, but it has no doubt been a busy year for you…

    Best wishes for the masterclass – I’ll be a different kind of green that day

    • Dang. Wish you could come. We’re hoping eventually to do some interstate classes. Meanwhile, we’re planning to run a full program of courses here in Woodend. We’ll let you know when we get a single site up from which you can access details of them all

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