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Michael McCoy’s Garden

Published 2000                Hard cover                                                  $29-95 +P&H


Michael has been a huge influence on me…not only is he a knock-out gardener, he also (for somebody who hasn’t trained as a writer) is a fabulous writer.  He has always, to my way of thinking, the mot juste – the perfect word to describe something, and he can actually encapsulate in a couple of simple words – not fancy, polysyllabic words – the mood and style of the garden and what he is aiming for, or what he admires.

Leo Schofield, launching Michael McCoy’s Garden in 2000

(Director Sydney Arts Festival, Sydney Olympic Arts Festival (2000), Author of ‘The Garden at Bronte House’)

What struck me particularly about (the) book was that it was one man’s vision from start to finish – garden, text, photographs – and that gave it a personality you never see in illustrated garden books, which are usually so sterile….truly, this is one of the most coherent, personal garden book’s I’ve read.

Michael Pollan: Author of Second Nature, A Place of My Own, The Botany of Desire and The Omnivore’s Dilemma

‘Michael McCoy’s Garden is one of those rare books that is able to draw the reader in so that, to some extent, you are lost in another world.  I say rare because, in my experience, it doesn’t happen all that often in novels, let alone garden books.  There are tips and ideas aplenty….all detailed in the distinctly personal style familiar to readers of this page…The book is one of the best on gardening that I have ever read’

The Age, Melbourne

Even expert gardeners tend to excel at one of three things

  1. Plants – knowing all of them from the everyday to the unusual
  2. Growing – they’re the green thumbs of the world
  3. Designing – they effortlessly combine colour, texture and form.

Very few gardeners combine all three talents.  And when you come across one who can write about his experiences in the garden, and also photograph them, you know you’ve stumbled on a rare breed, indeed.

So it is with Michael McCoy, the author of Michael McCoy’s Garden…As you read, a gardening adventure unravels which spans 18 months….this is a book to inspire and fuel your own growing adventure.

Brodee Myers-Cooke for Better Homes and Gardens, Australia

..This book is a delight and a discovery….an excellent book by an experienced younger gardener.  I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear from Michael, as a talent like this will be used widely in Australia and his writing read worldwide…he is, moreover, a most entertaining speaker.  This book on the making of his garden is inspirational for all of us regardless of our level of experience.

The Mediterranean Garden


Published August 2012           Hard cover                                   RRP $44.99 + P & H



“Michael McCoy is a garden author’s answer to Jonathan Franzen: a book a decade if you’re lucky (12 years in Michael’s case), but un-putdownable when it appears….         This is a book to read and re-read, for it makes you see gardening through new eyes, and best of all, it makes you think.”

The Land

Along with McCoy’s priceless knowledge of plants, climate, soil and spaces there are wonderful musings to enchant the armchair gardener every bit as much as the hands-on enthusiast.  “I hated gardening with a passion,” he states on the first page, drawing the reader into a compelling narrative.  Capturing and defining space, pattern matching, understanding roles and seeing beyond what first hits the eye are ideas that light up life way beyond the garden…

Country Style