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In this symposium, we’ll speak to some of the most recognised, the most celebrated, and the most articulate designers throughout Australia and the world about the design principles that guide their work.

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Principles of Garden Design - Online Symposium

A Live & Online Symposium curated by Michael McCoy | Tickets $95
Sat 1st Jul, 2023 | 12:00AM
While the live Symposium was held on the 3rd June, you can now watch the event on catch up, plus 6 extended interviews with our guest presenters, until the 30th June. Read on to find out more… Testimonials: “This has been fantastic. A feast of ideas and wonderful insights. Thank you Michael for such great questions and assisting the other speakers to share their knowledge and understanding.” Catharine D “Thanks Michael, fantastically eye, mind and heart – opening, as all the...