Virtual Design Coaching

Over my 25 years of designing gardens, I’ve found many garden owners keen to be heavily involved in, or stay in charge of, the process of designing their gardens, and therefore rightly reluctant to hand the job over to a professional garden designer.

We’re offering assistance to such garden owners, previously through our Garden Design Coaching course (currently suspended due to Covid-19), and now through this in-depth one-on-one Virtual Garden Design Coaching Service.

Over the period of four sessions we’ll examine the unique opportunities, as well as the unique challenges, provided by your site.  We’ll start with big picture questions, work through a strengths and weaknesses analysis of the site, then burrow down into the principles of space definition, construction and planting, and how they may apply to your site.

This is the perfect solution for those who really want to design their own garden so it best reflects their vision and their personality, but are seeking assistance with that process.
  • Cost is $950 per series of four sessions (incl. GST)
  • Sessions are flexible based on your availability (we recommend sessions are held once or twice per week for continuity)
  • Click the below link to apply for the Coaching Series today!