Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to read!

My partner and I are currently planning our build and we have ALWAYS been obsessed with buildings covered in vines or creepers!

Our building material is Hemp Crete (non negotiable). We need to re-render the walls every 7 years, thus, so need to be able to get behind the creeper somehow!

We were thinking of constructing a series of 1-2 metre mesh, or steel grates that would sit in front of the walls leaving about 5-10 cm's between wall and grate! We would then maybe unhook the grate from the top and lean it off the wall 30-40 degrees, then resting it on a ladder or something to render behind it!

Alternatively are there creepers that would keep well in pots to these sizes that could be suspended onto the grate/mesh and then we could open them out like a gate. Creating easy access to render the wall and no need to worry about bending the stem/trunk!

Any suggestions to somehow to make this whole thing easier would be wonderful as we really want to make our creeper dreams come true just don't know how!

Plant wise - something suitable to North facing, 5-6 frosts per year, all day sun apart from late afternoon! We will be building in Reedy Creek near Broadford Victoria!

Id love to avoid the pot scenario as I don't think they would look as nice aesthetically

Renee and Jamie