hi everyone,

thank you Michael for this wonderful blog, it's been an amazing resource to find!

I'm just wanting to discuss possible choices for evergreen mounds of green foliage to offset flowering perennials....My husband and I are starting our "forever" garden in 140m2 of flat, east/north facting clay/loamy, lovely deep soil in the Adelaide plains.

We're planning on planting around 15 fruit trees (stone fruit, pomegranate, almond, citrus) and knee-height flowering perennials around (but not directly underneath) the fruit trees. Think salvias, bush roses, lavender, catmint, lambs ears, bearded irises, agastache! I've grown them all before and they seem to love our climate and soil.

I have been toying with the idea of using japanese box as the green mounding structural elements (not many, just a few mounds in choice areas).... but what other choices might we have?

What about gardenia? How long-lived is it? our soil is neutral/alkaline.... will it cope? the lemons seem happy so I'm going to guess so?

I hate the straggly look of rosemary after a few years, and dont fancy replanting in 7-10 years.

I'm scared to plant vibrunum again after a "chest height" hedge exceeded the height of the house in 15 years.

Has anyone tried Murraya Min a Min? does it really stay 1m tall? surely not.

What about those dwarf citrus eg "lots a lemons"... recon i could clip that into a green mound?

Any other ideas outside the box?