I’m trying to create a Japanese inspired courtyard garden for a client and I’m wanting to use a gravel as mulch and a ground cover- I’m hoping Scleranthus will grow happily with some irrigation amongst the rocks. Anyway to get to the point- I don’t want weeds popping up everywhere through the gravel but I don’t like the idea of weed mat either. It’s a building site currently so I don’t have to contend with existing grass or established weeds. In this case I’m thinking there won’t be a need for weed mat anyway? However, I know it’s inevitable that seeds will blow in or otherwise find their way. I don’t use chemicals and I’m thinking the only way is hand weeding as soon as they pop up. But I’m worried the client might not have the time or motivation to stay on top of it. How do you find tackling weeds with your gravel garden Micheal? Any advice? Thank you for reading!