I'm struggling to make a decision on what trees I should plant to replace these two diseased Cleveland Select pear trees (No idea what disease they have but they are sick and I want them GONE!). I've got plenty of room for something largish as we or on a farm with plenty of space. These are on the eastern side of the house. I was originally thinking deciduous as I want shade in the Summer over our eastern windows, but want to let the sun in during the Winter - but I am open to evergreen suggestions. Tree must be hardy, and able to survive heat, drought, wind and frost. I have beautiful red Sandy loam soil and access to good water when needed. I'm looking for a type of feature tree, something that I don't already have and that would look good as a pair, I'm thinking something uniform in growth. Trees that I already have and have done well in my conditions are - Iron Bark, Olive trees, Queensland Brush Box, Lemon scented Gums, Spotted gums, Coral gums, Chinese elm, Chinese Pistachio, Golden Elm, Liquid Amber, Jacaranda.
Ok, hit me with your suggestions please. Thanks