My gardening journey has been less like a learning curve and more like a learning staircase. There's moments of plateau, and then moments of leaping ahead - of sudden and dramatic revelation.

We LOVED hearing about your light bulb moments during the symposium on Saturday.

Clint's vision was transformed by Dan's concept of 'horticulture applied to ecology'

Veralene came to a sudden new understanding of the power of succulents to be powerful 'static' elements in the garden (around which more seasonal stuff might play)

Alison was slammed by the power of the 'space between things' - of the benefit of leaving 'breathing room'. Indeed, the importance of that open space at eye-level in Peter Shaw's planting design, reinforced later by Nigel Dunnett (who hadn't heard, and didn't hear, what Peter said) came as a light bulb moment for a significant number of attendees.

It has now at least three days since the symposium. What's been gestating for you? What were your light bulb moments at the time, or since?

(image: lifted canopies for head-height openness in Fiona Brockhoff's garden)