Performing ballet style maneuvers on top of a ladder to prune ancient climbing roses isn’t a huge amount of fun on a wintry Ballarat day. After swearing at the spiky Cecil Brunner it occurred to me that maybe these roses didn’t need to be pruned maybe they could just be replaced?

The roses are old and while they still provide great foliage they don’t flower profusely.

We are in the process of painting the house so they will need to be severely pruned already.

Could there be a better performing Rose that provides masses of scented roses that deserves my attention better than these three stragglers?

I could plant three plants one against each pillar of the north facing Californian Bungalow verandah.

I would be so grateful for any suggestions?
(Already feeling better as I am typing this as I’m starting to thaw out 🤣)
Cheers, Penny