I've totally loved Fergus Garrett's zoom talks from Great Dixter over this period of coronavirus disruption. As far as I'm concerned, they've taken these kind of talks to a whole new level, providing an insight into the processes used at Dixter to achieve the mind-blowing levels of horticultural intensity. None of us may hope to garden like this, but I've found that there's been so much to take away from them, despite my rather humbler horticultural ambitions.

For instance, I loved the talk about squeezing bulbs in between clumps of perennials, and how Ferg demonstrated, through pics of lifted bulbs, how both the growth of the bulb and the growth of the perennial have to be considered if they're going to be able to happily coexist. There were similar considerations discussed in the latest talk, about tucking annuals and perennials into gaps in mixed plantings, down to how practically how that can be achieved with minimal disruption to existing contents. I was spellbound!

Did you watch them? if so, what did you take away from these talks? If not, how much do you regret that now???