ruprechtii – An Epilogue

After a few moments of ‘What did?…who said?….do you mean?…”, I managed to splutter out that my rant about Sedum ruprechtii in a previous post could hardly be considered an implied condemnation of all the others.  And anyway, I’d recommended ‘Matrona’, and purchased and placed it in her garden!

So just to irritate her further, I’m going to keep on about Sedum ruprechtii.  I was aware that the flowers didn’t last long at their best, and that they then browned off to generally spoil the show.


What I didn’t know is that they were capable of then colouring up in a slow ripening process to match the richest, brickiest-coloured ‘Autumn Joy’ or ‘Matrona’. This hasn’t happened any other year I’ve grown it, though it has never seen this much sun before.

At first it’s all a bit mixed, and looks squeamishly like some sort of raspberry ripple cheesecake.  But eventually all the flowers ripen to the same hue.  I don’t have a pic of it specifically at this stage, but you can see it in the background of yet another pic of the wall.  Sedum ruprechtii (and for the sake of silencing the critics, properly S. telephium subsp. ruprechtii) is on the left in the rear of the pic, then to the right, slightly taller, is ‘Matrona’ which is, for a few weeks at least, the exact same colour.