Self-promo Warning!

As awkward as I find using this page for explicit self promotion (and I specify ‘explicit’, as what can a blog be but self-promotion of some kind or other?…), I’m committed to the success of the Woodend Winter Arts Festival, at which I’m speaking in a few weeks (Sunday June 11), being interviewed by journalist Jen Vuk.

This isn’t a garden talk, as such.  Under the ‘Words and Ideas’ section of festival events, Jen will be talking to me about my life in gardening and design, looking at all the riches I’ve discovered there, and those yet to be explored.

Click this link for more details.  There’s other fabulous things happening on that day, so come to Woodend and make a day of it, or even a full weekend of it!

And while I’m making the leap over this self-promotional hurdle, the Dream Gardens was released on DVD yesterday!  Available from ABC online and in ABC Centres Australia-wide. It’s also available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play

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