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Michael McCoy

Garden designer, writer host of ABC TV series Dream Gardens and Travelling Masterclass tour leader.

For every hour I’ve spent gardening, I must have spent at least ten hours thinking about gardens- the plants, the processes and planting combinations. Most of my waking hours have been spent teasing out their anatomy, history, philosophy, and the power of a garden to delight, challenge, and nurture. It’s been a crazily steep learning curve that shows no sign of tapering off!

The Gardenist is about asking questions and connecting with like-minded companions on the journey. It’s about discovering the ‘why’ behind gardens as much as giving hands-on experience. Together we may happen on a few answers – which will, no doubt, lead to bigger questions. Bring them on!

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PLANT OF THE WEEK #51: Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Is it laziness or lack of originality that has botanists naming a plant for its likeness to another?  I’m scarily like my older brother, but am so glad my mother didn’t take t
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PLANT OF THE WEEK #50: Perovskia atriplicifolia (Salvia yangii)
I love the name Perovskia.  With a slight roll on the ‘r’ you can’t help but sound kind of Russian as you say it.  So it’s a bit disappointing to find that Perovskia atri