…And the Living is Easy

While much of the country has been sweltering, we down south in Victoria have been enjoying the most perfect summer.


We’ve had regular rains, and no days over 40C.  The countryside around me is still, in parts, green.  That hasn’t happened since 2010/11, and in that case it was like we skipped summer altogether.   This summer has felt like a summer, with night after night of balmy, sit-outside-with-a-drink weather, but with none of the stress.  Every year from now on, we’ll be saying ‘yeah, it’s an alright summer, but not like that incredible summer of 16/17.’


Adding to this layered lasagne of benefits, our water tanks have experienced the stress-relief of one (adult) child having moved out, and the other spending nearly half the summer in Italy.


Consequently, for the first time in living memory, I’ve dragged out the sprinklers (full of spiderwebs in the shed), and set them up.  The rains have been regular, but there’ve been moments when it has threatened to dry out below optimum, and I’ve absolutely revelled in having the resources – for once! – to respond.


My favourite sprinkler is one of those old-style risers with the head that makes that fabulous back-to-childhood chit-chit-chit sound as it works it’s way round the arc and then the fl,l,l,l,l,l,l,l (roll the ‘l’) as it returns to the starting position.  Honestly, I’d put it on for the sound alone.  I’d play a CD of the sound, through outdoor speakers.


And so, in a perfect year, my garden , timed for late summer/early autumn, is reaching its climax.  I love it like I’ve never loved it before.