Decades-long dreaming

It’s stupid how long I’ve wanted the rose named ‘Graham Thomas’.

I don’t grow roses, as a rule.  I’ve no patience or tolerance trying to integrate them into the largely perennial planting that suits me best.

But last winter, my wife appropriated a bit of land near the clothesline, and decided that she’d put it to work growing roses for cutting. I was asked my opinion on selection, and put in a request for ‘Graham Thomas’.  And now, after nearly three decades of secret longing, the first flower has bloomed.

Anything you’ve secretly (or openly) longed for a disproportionate length of time?


  1. We have this rose. It’s lovely. Our daughters gave it to my husband as a present. His name is Graham Thomas 🙂 We’ve had it for quite a few years.

  2. My mother always talked about the Lorraine Lee climber at her grandparents farm. After looking up Veilchenbleu, that could haunt me! The rose I want again goes by the name Radox Bouquet, an amazing pink rose and would sit well between my red beauties. This rose insisted on going home with me from the supermarket garden centre and was left behind at my last house. What to do first, remove the stump for a spot or order the rose? Graham Thomas doing well despite being loved by grasshoppers.

  3. Gunnera manicata… fell in love with it in England but have only owned gardens in Maryland and Toowoomba (either too cold or too dry).

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