Do you share the thrill?

Or is it just me?

The morbidly obese buds of Galanthus ‘Lavinia’. It’s so double (ie there’s so many inner petals squeezed in there) that the swollen buds are evident from the moment it emerges from the ground

The really big moment of these snowdrops is weeks away.  This early pleasure is incomplete.  It’s all about what’s being promised.  But if you could assign pleasure points objectively, I reckon you’d find that the thrill is as good right now as it ever gets.  You can’t wait for them to flower, but the current/present pleasure at the ‘can’t wait’ stage is astonishing.

The flower buds on Galanthus elwesii are slender spear-heads in comparison with the above, and remain furled in the emerging foliage for far longer