Travelling Masterclasses

Indulge your passion for gardening in this immersive experience. Meticulously curated by Michael McCoy, the Travelling Masterclass is a feast for the senses.

Go behind the scenes of gardens chosen for their exceptional planting and design qualities and satisfy your appetite for learning.

Learn the secrets of master gardeners around the world that you can implement in your own garden design and planting.

Upcoming Events

The Life-changing Design Tour

November 2023
The Life-Changing Design Tour explores garden design principles from great home gardens across New Zealand’s picturesque south island. Come and explore and analyse internationally renowned home gardens including Flaxmere, Paripuma, Barewood and Frensham, plus a number of private hidden gems. This tour promises to be an unmissable and unforgettable gardening experience. Michael McCoy will be leading the tour from start to finish, with help from some of the owners and designers of these breathtaking home gardens.