Virtual Design Consult

This 1 x 60minute phone-based session is designed to provide you with tools for, and the thinking behind, the best decision making for your garden design project. 

You can book a single hour to problem-solve some particular design challenges you’re currently facing.  Or you can book a Coaching Series of 4 x 60minute sessions to access some rich and empowering design thinking that will likely change the way you approach your design. Check out the Virtual Design Coaching option below.

Participants so far have found their thinking about their garden entirely re-framed and refreshed.  Here’s what some of them had to say….


TESTIMONIAL – Jeanette, Victoria

Well – an hour of power with a Michael McCoy online consultation and the future of my garden looks different. While I was grappling with what I thought was in part a pool fence issue is in fact a garden design issue to be remedied partly by plantings – and the pool fence stays. So – I have culled, cut back, moved plants and sourced new ones – with more to come when they are available. Garden access is being improved along with some poolside planting. It’s true – if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Thanks Michael!



“Michael was very engaged in my garden aspiration and did not judge my comparative capability in garden design and plantings. It was a most worthwhile hour that has kept me inspired for weeks since!”


TESTIMONIAL – Rowan, Victoria

“This was the first time I have engaged a garden designer and it was absolutely perfect. Michael is eloquent and expressive in his language and his passion for gardening was evident even in virtual format. I got exactly what I wanted from this experience and cannot thank him enough for that. I look forward to next time already!”



“Not only an educational hour on garden design principles and how to assess and view my own garden but Michael is able to deliver the information and ideas in a way that is easy to understand and assimilate. Can’t recommend this consultation highly enough.”



  • Cost is $285 per session (incl. GST)
  • Participants are encouraged to send images or video of the site in question ahead of the consultation, to better facilitate the discussion
  • If you’re looking to go deeper again check out the Design Coaching Series of 4 x 60minute sessions below
  • Click the below link to book your Consult session today!


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