Virtual Design Consults

Over my 25 years of designing gardens, I’ve found many garden owners keen to be heavily involved in, or stay in charge of, the process of designing their gardens, and therefore rightly reluctant to hand the job over to a professional garden designer.

We’re offering assistance to such garden owners, previously through our Garden Design Coaching course (currently suspended due to Covid-19), and now through garden design consultation by phone.  The service is designed to provide you with tools for, and the thinking behind, the best decision making.  It’s often difficult to provide specific design or planting advice when not on site, but it’s more than possible to guide your design choices, and better still, empower your own decision making.

You can book a single hour to problem-solve some particular design challenges you’re currently facing.  Or you can book a number of consultations in order to access some rich and empowering design thinking that will likely change the way you approach your design.


TESTIMONIAL – Rowan, Victoria

“This was the first time I have engaged a garden designer and it was absolutely perfect. Michael is eloquent and expressive in his language and his passion for gardening was evident even in virtual format. I got exactly what I wanted from this experience and cannot thank him enough for that. I look forward to next time already!”


TESTIMONIAL – Marg, Queensland

“I just wanted to convey to you my appreciation and enjoyment from the session yesterday. It far exceeded my expectations, and I feel I gained both a changed perspective on how to approach my own garden design, and a deeper appreciation of some of the underlying principles that go into creating these wonderful spaces we call gardens. Living in regional Queensland, it’s often preclusive to be able to access amazing people like Michael, but this format is a real winner. Michael was very generous with his knowledge and time, and was just so patient and approachable.”



“Not only an educational hour on garden design principles and how to assess and view my own garden but Michael is able to deliver the information and ideas in a way that is easy to understand and assimilate. Can’t recommend this consultation highly enough.”



  • As this is a new program we are offering a reduced rate of $245 per session (incl. GST). Regular sessions will be $295.
  • Sessions are limited (Tuesdays and Thursdays). New sessions will be released at regular intervals.
  • Click the below link to book your session today!