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You may have seen Gardening Australia on Saturday night.  I was talking to John Patrick about a garden I designed in Woodend North, Victoria.  If you’re interested, you can catch it on iView here.

It was shot very late in the season when the garden was really tipping past it best.  I love it at that time of year, but its only one moment in a seasonal story.  I’ve written about this garden elsewhere on this blog (you can link to it here), but I thought I’d chuck some other images up, taken at other times of the year.


  1. So very pretty.

  2. oh its sumptuous! Would that I had such a space…

  3. Michael, you are literally an artist using plants instead of paint!

  4. At first I was like, ‘meh it’s just a garden with lots of bright flowers’ but then i started to appreciate it’s a masterful symphony. I can’t imagine the skill it takes to prevent it from becoming a cacophony!

    Thanks for opening my eyes to a different style of gardening from what I thought I liked. Very inspiring.

  5. I totally agree with your style of gardening. It’s the way to go. Texture and form make such a big difference in a garden.

  6. When I saw that episode this garden really hit me hard, now following your blog.

  7. saw the garden was totally enthused by how the space seemed so relaxed

  8. Hey Michael I have been meaning to ask you… whilst watching the show I saw a salvia. Could you please tell me which one. thanks, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,
      There are several salvias in that garden, but the one which figured most prominently, with purple calyces and white flowers, was Salvia ‘Megan’s Magic’ (sometimes (and possibly most correctly) spelt ‘Meigan’s Magic)

    2. Definitely Meigan’s Magic with the ‘i’- named after the breeder’s granddaughter!

    3. Thanks for that Patrick. I suspected such a thing was going on. It’s pretty poor then that many nurseries drop the ‘i’. In doing so it dishonours the person it was intended to honour…

  9. The colour that you managed to get there is really lovely. Victoria actually gets a good weather contrast for those. Wish we had a little bit more fluctuation down in Sydney, but we make do!

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