RSVP Plant Revisit

This time last year we had a great long discussion (possibly the longest in the history of The Gardenist) about companion planting for colchicums (check it out here).  The point was that they can look at bit lonely on their own – all dressed up and no one to go with…


There were some great suggestions, none of which I got around to trying.  But meanwhile, as I plotted and planned, nature was at work, and a nearby Convovulus sabatius silently invaded the home of the colchicums, with a determination that couldn’t be matched by any other plant given the total lack of any supplementary watering.  I admit I’d planted it quite deliberately back in the bare-soil days, (you can see it here, bottom right) but didn’t have any confidence in it being a suitable colour for the colchicum.  I thought it’d be too close in colour to make for the complimentary companion, but not close enough for a colour match.

Given all that, I’ve got to say that I’m enjoying the result.  There were certainly better things offered in last years discussion – some of which I will (eventually) try out – but given the lack of thought and care that went into achieving what’s there now, I’m not at all unhappy.  A little more water would have seen a lot more flower on the Convolvulus, but I simply didn’t have more water.

The combination makes me smile, which is surely the ultimate test, and effectively horticulturalises that famous John Lennon quote to something like “Sometimes the best of what your garden dishes up is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”.

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