The Duneira dash

Had to make a quick dash up to Duneira on Mt. Macedon the other day, and turned into that incredible drive – possibly one of the loveliest in Australia – soon to be lined with millions of bluebells.

I knew there’d be no sign of the bluebells yet, so was caught off guard when my eye rushed to the far end, dragged there instantaneously by a great carpet of sparkling purple and white.  I was aware of the delay (though it was probably nanoseconds) before I recognised what I was looking at – my beloved Dutch crocus, en masse.

The sun was out, and the flowers were just gaining confidence in it sticking around long enough to be bothered opening.  You couldn’t help but smile.

I’ve always felt mildly cheated at never having been able to be at Great Dixter in March when there’s meadows of them.  I’m now feeling at least partially compensated.

Yep – there’s primroses in amongst ’em as well

You can – and should – see Duneira when the bluebells are out in late October/early November. Check out how here


  1. Looks like a trip up the Mt coming up, you have ignighted the Gardener in J once again….

  2. Wow, this is a truly magical picture. It has filled me with an unexpected joy which is exactly the feeling that my garden gives me.
    Thank you for a wonderful start to another weekend of gardening,

  3. Very impressive sight, Michael,
    I’ve been waiting for you to post the pics since you mentioned it on Wednesday!

    1. I’d love to know how long they’ve been naturalising there…. Stephen Ryan would know. Must ask him

  4. Hi Michael,

    Fantastic feast for the eye!

    David Glen at Lambley currently has a similar display happening.

    Cheers, Marcus

    1. So he has. Must drag out my pics of that.

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