A lifetime of exemplary achievement

It’s hard to imagine that it’s even possible that a garden like Trott’s Garden, just outside of Christchurch, NZ, could be created in one lifetime, and by one man.  It’s an astonishing achievement by Alan Trott, who has recently handed the garden over to a trust, to ensure its survival.  There’s so many ways in which it is exemplary, and memorable, but there’s one key characteristic I’d like to point out.  Just give me a minute and a half….

We’ll be visiting Trott’s Garden on my up-coming ‘Life-changing Design’ Travelling Masterclass to New Zealand in November. Why don’t you join me?


  1. Have you been to Te Kainga Marire in New Plymouth New Zealand? I like the look of it very much but haven’t yet been there.

  2. Great garden. We enjoyed a visit a while ago.
    Thought that you would like it there.at the time.
    Just enjoying reading “From Pasture to Paradise” which Alan Trott wrote about the garden’s creation.

  3. Thanks for the mini tour of the Trott garden. It’s so helpful to be regularly reminded about the creation and defining of space as critical to garden making. The more we hear that message, the more we see what’s working and what’s not working in our gardens. That said the Trott garden “decoration” looks wonderful!

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