Great Dixter - the unbearable build-up

Great Dixter is one of my favourite places in the world.  Has been for nearly 30 years.  I’ve been deliriously happy there and horribly stressed.  In that house and garden, I’ve experienced high affirmation and crippling self-doubt.  My months there were amongst the richest in my life.  Check out the video of Ash and me as we travel the last few km before arriving last year.  Let’s just say I was a little bit excited…

And then, we approach the front gate.  I can’t begin to describe the layers of joy that unfold as I walk around on a perfect late summer evening.  Best to just watch it.  If you haven’t already.

To experience this special place with me, and to rub shoulders with Fergus Garrett over lunch in the 400-year-old Yeoman’s hall, join me on my New Naturalism Travelling Masterclass. But BE QUICK, registrations close this Friday 17th May 2019!


  1. Such an evocative journey though Dixter Michael. Having visited there in early summer your footage really brought it to life for me again. Love the cooing of the birds in the background and the late afternoon light – so very English countryside in summer!

  2. I love the enthusiasm of your writing and videos; that is how a garden makes me feel too.

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