So what could your garden do better?

No gardener I know is entirely satisfied with their garden.  And, curiously, the best gardeners I know are the least satisfied, smug or complacent about their gardens.  They’re always pushing for them to be better still.  But as owners, we’re often too close to them and blinded by familiarity, to clearly see what they do well, and what they could do better.

So here’s some tools to clarify your vision or ‘lenses’ through which you can view your garden, in order to give it a quick ‘strengths and weaknesses analysis’.  There’s loads of them.  Here’s just four.

This is a ‘highlights reel’ from a free webinar we conducted on Monday 17th June, and runs for about 7 mins (about the length of time it takes for a cup of tea (or if you live at our place, the length of time it takes to brew one.  We set the timer!))

If you would like to continue the conversation, or take your design knowledge or project to the next level, we recommend you consider one of these up-coming events:

Garden Design Coaching Course, 16th September – 18th October, 2019

One Day Garden Design Masterclass, 26th October, 2019

‘Life-changing Design’ Travelling Masterclass to New Zealand’s South Island, 16th – 23rd November, 2019


  1. Your Garden will always be at its best when properly maintained. Good quality Garden Services is a great way of keeping your garden in top quality condition. There are many ways to look after your garden from fertilizing your plants and making sure that your garden remains clean of weeds and pests.

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